The Summit Avenue Residential Preservation Association (SARPA) is dedicated to the preservation of Saint Paul’s historic Summit Avenue as a residential neighborhood. SARPA was commissioned in 1986 by Mayor George Latimer and the St. Paul City Council to preserve the residential quality of Summit Avenue for future generations.

The all-volunteer SARPA Board generally meets on the first Monday of each month. SARPA also hosts an annual meeting, and a variety of events that involve tours, outings and guest speakers. The SARPA newsletter, Preservation Press, is issued seasonally.

SARPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

All donations are tax-deductible.For frequently updated information about Summit and SARPA happenings, check out our  Facebook and Instagram (sarpa_mn) pages.



President –Bob Morrison

Bob has been a SARPA Board member since 2017.  He is a retired business executive following a 38 year career in human resources management.  He and his wife Susan relocated from England in 2016 and chose to live on Summit Avenue due to its unique and historical heritage within the city of St. Paul.  Bob serves as a Co-Chair and SARPA representative on the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Council (WSNAC).

Interim Vice-President – Wendy Caucutt

Wendy joined SARPA in 2018 and moved onto Summit Ave in 2008.  She helps to coordinate a volunteer program which puts college students into the classrooms at Ramsey Middle School (1700 Summit Ave) and is concerned with pedestrian issues in the neighborhood affecting all students.  

Treasurer – Francis Luikart

Francis has been a board member since 2008 and was elected Treasurer in 2013.  He has also been a member of the Rotary Club of Saint Paul for 36 years. A CPA by background, he owned and operated boat manufacturing companies for over 20 years.  He lives on Summit Avenue with his wife and daughter.

Secretary – Katherine Cairns

Katherine is a 36 year resident and property owner at 1894 Summit Ave. Ms Cairns is a health care consultant working with physician organizations and non-profit organizations. She has a masters degree in public health from the University of Minnesota and a masters in business administration from the University of St. Thomas.  Katherine also serves as a SARPA representative on the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee (WSNAC) at the University of St. Thomas.

Board Members at Large

Thomas Darling

Tom was part of the group that worked to create SARPA and was a member of its first board of directors.  He rejoined the board several years ago. Tom moved into the Ramsey Hill neighborhood in 1978 and has lived on Summit Avenue for over thirty years. He has a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of Minnesota and practiced law for forty years.  He is now retired.

Susan Morrison

Susan joined the SARPA Board in 2020 and has been a SARPA member since 2016 when she and her husband Bob relocated to St. Paul after 10 years living as expats in England. She is a retired corporate banker and has previous experience serving on the boards of non-profit, community and membership organizations in the UK, Minnesota and Texas.

Harry Walsh

Harry has been has been a SARPA board member since 2008. He is an attorney and is especially interested in assuring that changes in zoning and other regulation continue to assure the beauty and interest of Summit Avenue.

Carolyn Will

Carolyn has been a SARPA member since 2009. She is the most recent past president (2015-2019), and secretary (2009-2013). In addition to her community activities, Carolyn operates a boutique public relations practice,  CW Marketing & Communications. Her favorite event on Summit Avenue is the biennial Garden Stroll. She has lived on Summit since 2002 with her husband, Daniel McGrath, and two children. Since they moved on to Summit Ave, Carolyn has enjoyed learning the history of the avenue and the bootlegging history of their house.