January 2020 SARPA Board Meeting Minutes

SARPA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes—January 6, 2020

Meeting held at 1649 Summit Avenue at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Bob Morrison, Wendy Caucutt, Francis Luikart, Carolyn Will, Katherine Cairns, Tom Darling, Sue Morrison, Harry Walsh.   Excused: (all present)

Agenda Item Discussion Action
Minutes Meeting called to order at 6:30pm. Minutes from the 11-4-19 SARPA Board meeting and the 11-22-19annual meeting were reviewed. Approved with changes: Add to annual meeting minutes a thank you to Claire LaChance as an out-going Board member
Treasurer’s Report ·       Current bank balance of $4279. Final expenses from the annual meeting may adjust this balance

·       SARPA has 32 members.

Approved report.
2019 Review Key Accomplishments include:

·       Successful 2019 Garden Stroll with new addresses/owners identified, new volunteers and new media promotion

·       Reinstated our 501c3 status with IRS that had lapsed for the organization

·       Support and education/advocacy for the east end concerns about impact of the Lunds/Byerly’s proposed building that is beyond the city’s height limits and pedestrian safety concerns

·       Successful annual meeting

·       Succession of Rachel and Bob on the WSNAC Board for representation

·       Acceptance of input by city on the St. Paul 2040 Comprehensive plan to retain park land on Summit and include more emphasis on historical preservation

·       Timely updates to Summit Ave. supporters on the Ayd Mill Bridge removal/replacement

2020 Goals and Objectives Goal- Increase the visibility of SARPA to supporters of Summit Ave and for historical preservation.

Objectives Discussed:

1.      Update the SARPA website  http://sarpa.org/ to include current information and at least monthly updates through 2020. (Carolyn, Wendy)

2.      Increase SARPA paid membership from 32 in 2019 to 100 by the end of 2020. (Wendy, Kathi, Sue) 530 addresses in current database; 215 on SARPA listserve (1.6.20)

3.      Prepare and distribute quarterly (4) online SARPA newsletters through 2020. (____)

4.      Increase social media activity and monitoring of social media metrics through 2020. (___) SARPA FB 493 followers (1.22.20); SARPA Instagram 38 followers (1.22.20) Dogs on Summit feature proposed

5.      Plan and prepare a case statement on the importance of Summit Ave with key stakeholders in 2020 if funding is available. (__)

6.      Provide education and advocacy for the preservation of historic residential Summit Ave. as the 2040 Plan is implemented throughout 2020. (__)

·       Consider school/university tour

·       Continue Church tours

·       Updates on Ayd Mill bridge changes

·       Updates on the bike lane and pedestrian safety

·       Planning for 2021 Garden Stroll

Neighborhood updates ·       WSNAC update from co-chair Bob Morrison who highlighted recent opening/tour of UST Wellness Center and church renovation; increasing crime in Union Park; WSNAC bylaws update

·       Union Park– no report

·       Mac Groveland-City staff attended a recent meeting and provided an overview of some residential zoning changes that are being discussed; cairns will send to Board

·       Summit Hill– Tom updated the SARPA position statement as presented last meeting and seeking updates from district council

·       Summit University Council– no report

·       Ayd Mill Bridge– Wendy updated on closure and re-routing of traffic for coming year and plan to invite bridge engineer to annual meeting

New Business ·       Cairns presented on grant opportunities for 2020 and brought a SARPA grant opportunity to the Board for consideration. The grant is from the MN Heritage Preservation and the Mn Historical and Cultural Heritage grant. The deadline for a small grant is 1-10-20. Cairns offered to write a small grant request in line with the 2020 SARPA objectives. SARPA Board approved submission of a small grant (<$10,000) to MN Heritage Preservation for promotion of Historic Summit Ave. priorities.
Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 8:13pm



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