Summit Avenue  Residential Preservation Association 

Board Meeting

February 4,  2019     •     at 1583 Summit  6:30 pm 

In attendance:  Carolyn Will, Claire LaChance, Harry Walsh, Kit Natz, Wendy Caucutt, Kathy Cairns, Bob Morrison, Francis Luikart, Tom Darling

Absent: Rachel Westermeyer

1.  Call to order at 6:38

2.  Finalize agenda & approve minutes for both December and January – Both Approved in separate motions.

3. Treasurer’s Report   

  • Filing an Annual Report – $3898 balance
    • Fall Meeting was $2551, $729 for recent mailings, $600 luminarias
    • 501c3 lapsed, so Francis is working to get it reinstated. He has the information from 2013 when we originally got the status, so he’s using that but will need to rewrite some portions to update what we do.
    • Minnesota Charities Registration requires that we file an annual report and pay $25 fee in order to solicit donations.
    • Need names and addresses for all board members – Claire has this and will share it with Francis. We need a short bio from every board member, Claire will put this together.
    • Progress on re-establishing our 501c3 status

Old Business

4. Response to Luminaries and our excellent coverage.  Does anyone have photos?

Good coverage on the news

Next year we’ll space them out more to get more effect

Maybe we could ask other neighborhood councils to donate money or volunteer.

Claire will email volunteers to ask if they took photos they would share.

5. Updates on various committee assignments

  • WSNAC – major victory in convincing UST to expand its on-campus housing. Rachel and Katherine
    • New housing on either side of the chapel which is a great change
    • Mental Health/Behavioral Health Center – STU proposed that this take over Child Care Center. Many parents have concerned with the Child Care Center closing. It remains open for now.
  • Union Park District Council  – who is our rep following UPDC? Wendy follows transportation but not the board. Wendy and Carolyn will keep up on their e-newsletter.
    • Ayd Mill – Wendy will reach out to city engineer. We want to have a say in the design and make sure greenery is included.
  • Garden Stroll – Set a committee date. Garden Stroll this year is Sunday June 30th 12-4.
    • Governer’s Mansion – would they like to participate or attend?
    • Feature artists in each garden – artist groups (music, dance) – artist sketching in gardens (Macalester art dept?) – food trucks at certain spots (cathedral parking lot, St Thomas More parking lot – two ends of stroll) – German house available? Carolyn will check.
  • Ramsey Hill and Blooming Garden Award – share RHA newsletter

New Business:   

6. City of Saint Paul 2040 Plan.  Bob Morrison and Tom Darling attended the Zoning hearing.  Bob shared his summary in December.  Both Bob and Tom were quoted in articles in the Star Tribune.

The rewritten version is better, more cohesive. The City of St Paul hired someone in the fall of 2018 to pull things together and that seems to have helped. The document seems flexible, which is good. Minneapolis plan is very aggressive, St Paul is less so.

Major concerns:

  • Housing Policy 48 – expand permitted housing types in urban neighborhoods to increase density.
  • Start up businesses in homes – not defined – so we need more info.
  • Public comments of people saying that the plan isn’t aggressive enough – more policies rather than recommendations.
  • Assuming 30% increase in population with 40% reduction in people driving cars. This seems unreasonable.

Potentially beneficial Policies that are new to the plan since Summer 2018:

  • Policy 16 – If we can argue that Summit Ave is a resource, that could help protect us.
  • Educate city staff about the history of the city and preservation activities.
  • Feedback
  • Next steps – Think through what our official position is on specific zoning issues and proposals. What are we trying to protect? We should all be responding in similar ways with talking points that are the same.
  • What is our role? How do we address this best? FAQ and answers – Katherine will work on this.
    • Engage with different district councils and talk with HPC about the concerns we have – would someone come to our meetings from the HPC or other district councils?
    • Host a lecture to educate neighborhood residents about what the value of Summit Ave is as a historical resource – commission a speaker to do a presentation about Summit Ave – invite that speaker to come to Summit Hill, Ramsey Hill, etc. Person teaching UST class on famous avenues? Carolyn will call Larry Millett and ask for ideas.
    • Have examples (Park Ave used to be like Summit Ave)
    • Reach out to Lucy Thompson (working on 2040 Plan) and see if we could talk with her. She seems willing to listen.

7.  Other Issues          

8.  Adjournment at 8:19pm


Summit Avenue  Residential Preservation Association 

Board Meeting

January 7, 2019     •     at 1583 Summit  6:30 pm 

1.  Called to order at 6:33pm

In attendance: Carolyn Will, Bob Morrison, Francis Luikart

Absent : Claire LaChance, Harry Walsh, Kit Natz, Wendy Caucutt, Kathy Cairns, Rachel Westermeyer, Tom Darling

2.  Finalize agenda & we skipped approving minutes. Next meeting we will need both Dec. 2018 and Jan. 2019 minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report: Francis Luikart

  • Annual meeting & Fall Social –

Food/beverages  $2551

Mailings  $729 (#400 flyers and printed posted card and first class mailing to all homeowners)

  • Christmas Eve Luminaries (1300)  $600
  • New members – 11 memberships paid online since the new website has been published with online PayPal feature
  • Approximately 40 current (paid) memberships.
  • Current balance with all bills paid :  $3799

Old Business

4. Luminaries:  We had a great turnout out to help assemble the luminaries in Carolyn Will’s garage — #1300 luminaries!!!!    And we had 12+ volunteers help set out and light the luminaries on Christmas Eve.


This year, we had TV coverage.  I sent out a media advisory to all the TV stations and photo desks at Strib and PiPress.  Fox 9 picked it up and connected with Claire LaChance as she and her family were busy setting out their luminaries. Claire did an outstanding job of representing the intent behind this community event, and in articulating our SARPA mission. Thank you, Claire !!! Well done.   I recorded the TV segment with my phone while watching it from Bemidji with my family.  I’ve shared the link on the SARPA Facebook page. SARPA Facebook

5. Updates on various committee assignments:

  • WASNAC  — No report  Mac Groveland – No report 
  • Summit Hill – No report     Union Park District Council  No report
  • Garden Stroll – We will be holding a separate Garden Stroll committee meeting to get the planning started in earnest.   

What’s been done to date:

  • Date set: Sunday, June 30, Noon to 4 pm.
  • A few committee members have committed to supporting this year’s planning efforts:  Bob and Susan Morrison, Marilyn Natz, & Sue Kressin. 
  • Segment of Summit:  Between Lexington and the Cathedral of Saint Paul.  It may be shortened – depending on success of solicitations.
  • We will look for a sponsor this year to underwrite all printing and PR costs Plus extra.– Approx $3500-$5000.  This could be one sponsor, or possibly a few sponsors.  Please give this some thought and bring ideas t February meeting.

Upcoming dates to note:

Thursday, Jan 17 – there may be an important Zoning Meeting to discuss public feedback to the cities comprehensive plan.  I just looked at the website, and it’s outdated info.  Perhaps – Wendy – you can share as I know you are on the list for Zoning agendas.

Ward 4 City Council member Mitra Nelson  will hold an informal “open office hours” session at Cahoots Coffee House on Selby – next to Neighborhood Café. 

Thursday, Jan 24, 8 am – 10 a.m.  I will plan to drop by at 8 am.  Let me know who else might be stopping by. I think it would be good to show strong numbers.  Board members in other wards, would you reach out to your council member and ask about their next pubic office hour/coffee – and plan to stop by??   This is an easy way to keep our name, and our mission on the table.

Next Meeting:  Monday, Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m.  My house  1583 Summit Avenue.

Please bring ideas for a public tour or lecture.

Please bring ideas to enhance garden stroll to make it stand out amongst all the other garden strolls.    Adjourned   7:30 p.m.  cmw



Summit Avenue  Residential Preservation Association 

Board Meeting

December 3,  2018     •     at 1583 Summit  6:00 pm 

In attendance: Wendy Caucutt, Claire LaChance, Carolyn Will

1.  Call to order at 6:05

2.  Finalize agenda & approve minutes – Approved

3. Treasurer’s Report – Francis not present. How much was spent last year?

  • Recap on expenses for the Annual Meeting/Fall Social – Annual Meeting was around $3,000
  • Filing an Annual Report – Francis will do that.
    • Minnesota Charities Registration requires that we file an annual report and pay $25 fee in order to solicit donations.
    • Need names and addresses for all board members

Old Business

4. Response to 2018 Annual Meeting & Fall Social – around 40 people attended, which is less than last year. The people who did attend seemed interested in more information on what we work on and issues along the avenue. Next year maybe we should have a tagline – last year “Light Up the Avenue” regarding lights for the Super Bowl and the luminaries.

5. Updates on various committee assignments

  • WASNAC – major victory in convincing UST to expand its on-campus housing.
  • Union Park District Council – No update.
  • Garden Stroll – Set a committee meeting date – Monday Dec 10th at 6:30.
  • HPC holding a “Summit Avenue West Public Open Listening Session

Tuesday, Dec. 4 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Summit Center for Arts and Innovation Center at 1524 Summit Ave.

*Carolyn, Wendy and Bob are planning to attend.

*Carolyn will bring laptop and have people pay dues online if desired.

New Business:   

6. Luminaries on December 24

  • New volunteers who signed up at the annual meeting – Mary Lynch, Charlie & McKenzie Deziel (360-220-9264), Stephanie & Paul Martineau, Tom and Sheila McCarr. Last year volunteers – Tenucci family, Anne Sullivan, Peggy Rupp, Lentz couple,
    • Claire will post on Facebook neighborhood groups and NextDoor asking for volunteers
    • Several volunteer options – Setting bags out anytime on 12/24, Lighting candles around 4:30, picking up bags on 12/25 or 12/26
  • Candles were medium sized last year and worked well.
  • Set budget for supplies – at least 300 bags and candles plus kitty litter and lighters.
  • Establish locations – mostly between Lexington and Cretin along middle street boulevards – Claire has list of all blocks.
  • Set timetable for the project
    • Saturday Dec 22nd at 3pm we will assemble bags in Carolyn’s garage – bring boxes/containers to put bags in.

7.  Other Issues     

2040 – Wendy

These are just ideas:

There’s  map of the whole city that shows unfinished sidewalks in the city. There’s a Summit City corridor mentioned – a study on having a bike path along Summit. Not a lot of details or what would be proposed.

Other things mentioned – Fairview and Grand rezoned as a high density corner?

8.  Adjournment at 7:35