The City of St. Paul's Summit Avenue Regional Trail Project

In October 2021, the City of St. Paul announced the Reimagining Summit Avenue project, a project in which the city would redesign the entirety of Summit Avenue to "improve the recreational experience" of those that use the avenue. (Jane McClure, Highland Villager)

After that announcement the city launched a community engagement website, found here, to collect feedback and offer an accessible place for concerned and curious citizens to learn more about the project. Summit Avenue Residential Preservation Association (SARPA) board members have reached out to the city, and now serve on the project's design advisory committee, a committee that the city plans to convene sometime in the future.

SARPA serves on the City of St. Paul's Design Advisory Committee (DAC) for this project. We participated in the DAC meeting hosted on February 15th, 2022. Click here to read notes taken by the SARPA board during the meeting.

In December of 2021, the SARPA board members created a "Status Summary" on what we know about the Reimagining Summit Avenue Project. Compared to new information from the DAC meeting and the city's engagement website, this status summary may be outdated. SARPA board members encourage you to visit the City's engagement website to stay up to date on any changes and new information regarding this project.
We've left the status summary published on our website for transparency.  Click here to visit our page on that status summary.